Shearling coats for women

Fall season is around the corner, as well as the need for a warm, comfy, and trendy coat to guard our skins from the low temperatures of the season. This year, there is a wide variety of shearling coats for women that promise to keep the ladies protected against the waves of cold air. These coats are made of leather with shearling details, which makes the coats stand out among the crowd. As a result, these coats not only help the ladies to stay warm, but they also achieve to become a fashion statement.

This year, the trending coats come in different shapes and colors. The stores are filling their warehouses with loads of shearling coats for women available in colors as common as brown and beige, and also peculiar and quirky shades of yellow, red, and blue. During this season, the traditional black and white leather coats are also available and trending, with touches of beige, red and brown fur. Nonetheless, the most popular options for leather shearling coats remain among the shades of reddish and chocolate browns. These coats match well with a good ole pair of jeans and shearling brown boots.

When it comes to style, the most popular are the ones with a zipper or buttons that close on one of the sides of the coat, rather than on the center. This season, the buttoned coats are characterized by a touch of minimalist elegance that keeps the number of buttons as low as three. Zippers, on the other hand, are coming in shades of metallic gold and bronze that adds a little bit of an aggressive and seductive attitude to the coats. The trending coats are also distinguished by their round necks adorned by a shade of fur that matches with the overall color of the coat. Some of these coats also have fur on the edge of their long sleeves and along the zipper or button lines. If the color of the leather is black, one can expect to find a darker black fur surrounding its edges, and the same principle applies to chocolate brown with darker brown fur. Other coats combine light shades of leather with white or beige touches of fur. Many of these shearling coats also come with a thick buckled leather belt. Their color also compliments the overall color of the coat, making it attractive to the eyes.

All the shades of brown coats go well with casual outfits, and their length is right above the knee level, which makes them the perfect fit for a walk in the park or running errands with style. On the other hand, a little bit shorter black shearling coat will better serve and protect women deciding to wear a fancy dress for a romantic dinner date or any other special occasion that requires them to look elegant without compromising their comfort.

Overall, there is no excuse for women to stay inside their house as a consequence of the bad weather that threatens to make them feel cold. The fall season will come, and the ladies will have many options of coats to pick from. Furthermore, the ladies will no longer have to feel upset thinking that they must wear an ugly jacket or sweater to fight the winds of the season; the wide range of trending styles of shearling coats will make them the star of the season.