Shearling Coat

Shearling coats Whats new in Fashion world this season

Leather being the lifeblood of the clothing industry is held in high esteem by the designers and the fashion-lovers. The different leather products have conquered the market since decades and are hence very much in fashion throughout the year. The leather jackets, gloves, pants and hats strike a chord whether it is the formal wear or a casual wear. However, the leather jackets hold the ground very strong and are used by many. These jackets not only serve as the best insulator in cold weather but also exude sheer style and fashion. Now when the fall is just around the corner and everyone is following the latest trends in the leather garments especially the jackets, one should know what is really in fashion these days.

The leather jackets are made from types of leather depending upon the animals’ skin. The ultimate product hence depicts most of the characteristics of that particular animal. One of the hot favorites of the winter season is the shearling. Yes! The shearling coats are made from the skin of young sheep aged less than 2 years. It is very soft to touch and has a smooth feel. This is the reason why the jackets made form shearling are also very soft and warm.

Looking at the latest trends in the shearling variety, it is noticed that the long length shearling coats are in high demand. The jacket falls just under the hip length. There are short jackets also made from shearling but that will suit only if you are tall enough otherwise you should go for a full length jacket.

The studded shearling jacket has also made a buzz in the market. You can enjoy an awe inspiring look with a studded shearling jacket. The hottest design these days goes with the jacket fully covered with studs. Alternatively, you might like the idea of partly studded jacket in which the pocket flaps, collar and cuffs have attractive studs on them. The color of studs may vary according to the personal choice but most commonly preferred are in golden and silver color.

As far as the collar style is concerned, there are shearling coats with cornered or pointed collar. Considering the extremely cold weather, the shearling jackets are mostly complemented by a detachable collar of fur so as to provide maximum protection against chilling winds. This style is mostly preferred by women as they deem it chic and modish.

As the shearling coat is supposed to provide the necessary protection against cold weather, the latest shearling jackets and coats come with an additional lining. It depends on the individual choice if you want to go for a polyester lining or a silk lining. The silk lining is not as such very warm and hence does not fulfill the purpose of protection. However, it looks modish and delicate as compared to the polyester which makes you warm and cozy even under freezing conditions.

These are the various trends as far as the shearling coats are concerned. You may choose the best piece for yourself as now the winter season is just approaching. Online shopping of the leather garments is comparatively convenient and time saving. So, simply explore your options by browsing the online shopping malls as they offer as much variety as do the physical outlets do.