Red Bomber Jacket

Leather jacket trends in USA in this fall - winter collection

Get trendy from fall to winter with a cool leather jacket that will keep you warm and snug throughout any blizzard or cold front Mother Nature might brew this year. The amazing thing of living in America is that most trends start on these shores and then spread throughout the rest of the world. After all it was the Hollywood film directors who first introduced the leather jacket to the world. American television programmes are viewed by millions of people worldwide. Hairstyles, dress codes, linguistics, etc. are all aspects that have or are trending at the moment. These are shown on the American shows.

Biker wear has been around for centuries. The apparel has been deemed vintage and classic by veteran fashion designers and supermodels. The leather jacket is biker wear that successfully crossed over into fashion. It has remained in the industry taking on different cuts and styles to remain relevant and appealing to the market. Leather jacket trends that came to the US and ended up taking the entire by storm are; the red bomber jacket, the jacket was usually worn by rapper Busta Rhymes in music videos and TV interviews. Who can forget Michael Jackson’s red biker jacket from his thriller trailer. People from all over the world fell head over heels in love with it because it was like no other leather jacket available in stores and it had a daring look.

Today even though Europe is first to dish out the latest trends, America still plays a huge role in showcasing the trend to the masses. The leather jacket is trending and it comes in different cuts and sizes and makes. In the US of A the popular and most loved jackets are the quilted leather jacket, the cropped leather jacket, the coloured leather jacket and the red bomber jacket. Each of these are popular for various reasons, the common one is that a celebrity or public figure was snapped wearing it.

Quilted leather jacket

This jacket has only been around for less than 5 years. The quilted design that come as patches - on the sleeves or other parts of the jacket, and full blown is what is making the quilted leather jacket trend. True blood actor Alexander Skarsgard, actress Kiera Knightley and Usher are a few celebrities that have added the jacket to their wardrobe.

Cropped leather jacket

Sex and the City star, Sarah Jessica Parker and singer/rapper Nicki Minaj have rocked the cropped jacket in various places in the States. The cropped leather jacket is more suitable for the female body than the male body. The jacket shows off the waist in an elegant way.

Coloured leather jacket

Adding a bit of colour to a dull or glum day does nobody harm. The bright, soft and metallic colours that this jacket comes in are being embraced because the black leather jacket is still quite dominating. High School Musical sweetheart Vanessa Hudgens was spotted wearing a brown leather jacket.

Red bomber jacket

The man of the people president Barrack Obama was wearing the jacket in public. Despite it being a military jacket, he wore in the time of the leather rage. Rapper J Cole and Mrs. Jay-Z love the jacket too.

Trends in the USA will keep on coming and the country and the rest of the world will continue to go with the flow.