Mens Shearling Coats

Warm and stylish- the latest in shearling coat fashion trends

The sensuous variety of leather clothing and accessories is bound to attract the attention of fashion lovers. The charm of leather is not limited any specific time period of the year; rather leather stays in fashion throughout the year primarily due to its durability. An additional advantage is the awe inspiring impression of the leather products which make you look stylish and chic. This is why the fashion industry as a whole and designers to be specific are fond of introducing new and unique styles of the leather apparel.

In the world of leather garments, the jackets and coats always steal the show as they come up with unique finish and styles. The quality of leather garments depends upon the type of the leather used to make them as there are different kinds and textures of leather; the final finishing is largely dependent on the raw materials. Conventionally, the leather used to manufacture and design the various leather jackets and coats come from the cowhide, sheep skin and crocodile skin. Whatever type of leather is considered, they have respective characteristics and give distinct touch and fee to the product.

However, the most popular is the shearling or the leather coming from the sheep skin. Shearling is different from the ordinary sheep skin in that shearling is a specialized name for the skin of a sheep aged less than 2 years. A shearling coat is much softer to touch than the ordinary leather coat. It simply depicts the natural softness of a baby sheep and is therefore, dearly liked by the customers.

Talking about the men’s shearling coats variety, the color assortment is just simply awesome. Typically, brown and black are considered to be the men’s colors but the men’s shearling coats come in a lot more variety of colors like blue and mustard. Moreover, the designs ensure that the colors are being used in combination so as to cater to the needs of all those guys who want to flaunt their style in front of the beautiful women.

The most popular design of men’s shearling coats come with a big extended collar which falls right near the midrib. The design not only looks good but also protects you from the chilling wind. This makes the perfect choice for those living in the cold regions. The soft and warm leather of shearling conserves the body heat hence keeping you warm and cozy.

There are double breasted and single breasted styles in the men’s shearling coats. Those naturally having a masculine body with broad shoulders mostly opt for the single breasted style but if you slim rather skinny, the double breast shearling coat would make the perfect choice for you as it will make you look fuller. There are two vertical columns of buttons in the double breasted shearling coat and the front is overlapped providing an additional covering to your chest. Keeping the consistency in the design, the cuffs and pockets are also buttoned.

It is not just the women who want to have a skin fitted jackets and coats but men also go for the fitting designs. For all such guys out there, the shearling coats also come in the customized fitting style. Yes! Now you may have your favorite shearling coats and jackets according to your personal preferences.