G-1 Flight Jacket

The latest fashion modes in g-1 flight jacket

As they rightly say that the way you dress up speaks volumes about your personality, people now tend to follow the latest trends of fashion in an attempt to look good and classy. The fashion industry, as a result, has evolved over the recent decades. The fashion trends always keep on changing, however, one of the trends which never grew old is the use of leather in the fashion clothing and accessories.  Yes! Leather always stays in fashion as it is durable and reliable. The leather garments and accessories make the best choice for those who want to flaunt their style.

Among all the leather products, the jackets are the most popular as they add to the style and look extremely smart and chic. The leather jackets come in different designs and styles. The specialized jackets made of leather steal the show as they not only serve the required purpose but also offer you a lot to boast about. As for instance, the g-1 flight jacket is the talk of the town when it comes to glamour and modernism. The flying jackets were initially designed in order to cater to the needs of the pilots back in World War I when they had to fly the fighter jets in open cockpits. However, the latest designs have a lot more to offer in addition to protection and safety.

The g-1 flight jacket comes in various textures and types of leather. The most commonly preferred is the shearling which is a lot warmer than other types of leather. Shearling is basically the leather made from the skin of a baby sheep which is less than 2 years of age. Since it is naturally warm and soft, they make the best choice when it comes to designing the g-1 flight jacket. For the same reason, it is preferred these days as the winter season is just approaching.

The double breasted style of the g-1 flight jacket is very much in fashion. The double column of buttons on the front looks sensuous and stylish. The overlapping front encloses over the second array of buttons and is popular among people who are slim and smart and want to look a bit fuller.

The collar styles of the flying jackets made of leather which are liked by majority include the snap up and down collar. This collar is very practical and stylish. Alternatively, the extended collar up to the mid rib serves to protect you from cold and looks modish also. There is another style of collar which is quiet common this season and that is the double provision of a buckle and buttons on the collar. The buckle can be adjusted according to the requirement and you may present the rough and casual side of your personality by virtue of this collar style.

If you look at the lengths of the flying jackets preferred by customers this winter, the flying jackets are mostly short in length as they are supposed to be worn for the practical purposes. However, the short heighted prefer to go for a long flying jacket as it makes them look taller and much slimmer. You may opt for any style and design according to your personal choice. This is the best way to express your inner self to the people around you.