Flight Jackets For Men

Flight Jacket - Robust, stylish and Manly- what new this season

Flight jackets for men or also known as Bomber jackets are referred as to that type of garment which was solely designed and made for pilots. During the WW1 there were planes without covered cockpit so the pilots really needed something to wear which can save them from the harsh conditions up there. Initially pilots wore Long leather jackets, till 1915 they didn’t have anything other than that, but later on theseJacketswere introduced by the U.S Army, which were much better than the long leather jackets in terms of providing protection and comfort.

They were long-lasting leather Jackets; with wind flapped zipper closures, wraparound collars, waists and snug cuffs, and some lined with fur and fringed. Leather was chosen as the material for these jackets because leather is one of the toughest fabrics in the world, it also provides great protection from the unforgiving atmosphere, leather also looks great, it’s appearance is magnificent, Pilots have a different class and status and to match that leather was chosen because no other material was dominating enough to do that.

Till 1970s, these jackets were used only by the military men and also worn as the National Costume of USA for the APEC meeting held in Washington but afterwards these Jackets started to gain popularity amongst civilians. They started taking interest in this new form of jacket and soon demand for this particular garment increased, companies like Irvin Air Chute which was the first company to manufacture these jackets, started mass production of the garment and made it available commercially. Soon company started making fortunes. By early 2000s flight jackets for men gained popularity in as casual wear in hip hop fashion. This particular jacket has also become a part of Police uniform in several police departments across the USA because of its robust design and thick insulation.

Nowadays these jackets are available in several designs and colours. Blue, green, brown, black, red, grey and whatever colour you could think of. Flight jackets for men are basically made from three materials, namely leather, sheepskin and fabric. Leather jackets are available in these types, A-1, A-2, G-1, G-8, Topgun, Barnstromer, Indy, Flying Tigers, Racer coat and Sportster. Types of Jacket made from sheepskin are B-3, RAF, M-4444, B-6, D-1 and ANJ-4. For the Fabric jacket the types are CWU-45P, MA-1, B-15, P Coat and N3-B Parka. All these sensational jackets are manufactured by different companies around the globe, but some notable names are The Alpha Industries, The Cockpit USA, Red Canoe, Mil-Tech and etc.

As winters are on its way so is the flight jackets for men trend, people tend to buy these jackets as they combine elegance with durability. These jackets give you a manly look and no other garment is there which can give you that appearance. Pilots and military men still to date like to wear these jackets because they have been very closely linked to them. These trendy solutions to harsh winters are the best choice if you are looking for something thick enough to be your protector from the cold and side by side, it should be stylish enough to make you look attractive and shows that you have a good knowledge about fashion. It’s been more than 50 years now but still these jackets haven’t got out of fashion and won’t get till the next 50 years.