Flight Jacket

Why flight jackets so popular among aviators

Leather jackets are undoubtedly the king of leather apparel. The reason for the extreme love for leather clothing of the fashion fans is that it is the most durable and reliable material. It serves as the best insulator in case of extreme weather conditions. Not just this, but the leather jackets also look stylish and fashionable. The trendy look of the leather jacket exudes sheer style and glamour and hence makes the user look modern. In order to cater to the growing needs of the customers, the designers have come up with different types of leather jackets; even there are specialized jackets made from leather for specific purposes as for instance there are biker jackets and then there are flight jackets or military jackets.

Talking about a flight jacket, its origin dates back to the era of World War I when it was designed out of necessity as the pilots at that time had to fly fighter jets in open cockpits, so there had to be an additional protective covering of some durable material to face the extreme pressure of air in the open skies. However, later on, the style went off as there were other designs which became popular but then it made a revival with a bang and now the fashion lovers prefer to have the flight jacket to enjoy their style statement.

The bomber or flight jackets these days offer a lot more than any other style of leather jacket. The color assortment they offer are simple outstanding. Gone are the days when you could find a limited range of colors when it came to the flight jackets. Yes! Now you may go for other colors like khaki, mustard and blue in addition to black and brown. This particular is specifically causing the sales of the fight jacket to rise drastically.

In addition, the length of a flight jacket also varies from full length to the medium or short length so to offer a greater variety to the customers. The above hip length is, however, mostly preferred as it is easy to carry and also looks good especially if you are tall and slim with an attractive figure. The full length counterparts of the short length bomber jackets are preferred by those who want to look taller in height and want to present the elegant side of their personality.

Besides the conventional design of the bomber jackets which carries an insignia of US army or other forces, there are the styles of flight jackets which do not have any such sign on them. This simple design is meant for all those out there who want to wear the jacket for casual use instead of having a limited use as a military jacket. In addition, the front enclosures also offer a great variety in the form of zippers and buttons. You may go a zipped front if you are living in some cold region as it not only looks elegant but also protects you from cold weather. The buttons, however, look every trendy and fashionable especially when they are fancy and attractive. The jackets with buttoned front come with the buttoned cuffs so as to keep the consistency in the design. Therefore, the sensuous variety and the catchy look of the flight jackets make them the hot favorite of the pilots this season.