Bomber Jacket

Bomber jacket can be elegant too - The new trends of this season

Leather jackets stole the hearts of the customers, right from the beginning. They are not only durable but also stylish and chic. The leather clothing and accessories always stay in fashion throughout the year owing to the variety of textures it offers according to the seasons. Especially the leather jackets are now the talk of the town as they make you look fashionable and modish. The different styles and designs of the leather jackets however confuse the customers about the correct choice but it also improves the competition and in turn the quality of the product. Among many other styles of the leather jackets, the leather bomber jacket is the most popular as they have hit the market with the new variety. If you also want to flaunt your style with the latest design of a bomber jack, here are some of the trends of a bomber jacket which hot favorite this season.

The double-breasted style is quiet common these days. It is especially suitable for all those out there who have a sort of skinny outlook as it makes you look a bit full. The design basically signifies an additional column of buttons parallel to the first array of buttons. There is an overlapping front which is closed with the additional column. It is a bit unconventional style and if you want to create your own style statement, this makes the perfect choice for you.

Rugged sporty styles are also in fashion this season. This bomber jacket design comes with the ribbed cuffs and hem. The design not only exudes style but also make you look young and fresh. Adding icing to the cake is the banned collar. This particular design is fancied by women also as they feel much young wearing the jacket.

A bomber jacket with a hood looks funky and chic. The latest design of the bomber jacket comes with a detachable hood which can be used according to the requirement and weather conditions. This design is especially liked by women as the style it exudes makes them look smart. There is a wide range of variety when it comes to the hooded leather bomber jacket. You may go for a red or blue jacket if you want to look young and youthful.

The conventional style of the bomber jacket made from pure leather which has made a revival is the military style. Yes! This design is just like the one which was the initial concept of the original bomber or flight jackets back in the era of World War I. As the bomber jacket was designed out of necessity because the pilots at that time had to fly planes in open cockpits. The present day bomber jacket has taken the same old concept of the flight jackets and come with an insignia or flag on the front side of the jacket. However, the color assortment has improved a lot. The hot favorites of this season include brown and khaki.

The specialty of a bomber jacket is that it can be worn with a casual wear as well as an informal piece of clothing. Coupled with Denim jeans, it looks funky and stylish. If you want to show off the rough side of your personality, it is the best choice for you as it presents the casual outlook.