Bomber Jacket Women

Bomber Jackets for Her – The New Trends

A women’s fashion collection is nowadays considered to be incomplete if it doesn’t contain some bomber jackets. Originally designed for use by pilots, bomber jackets somehow crossed into mainstream fashion, where they have found enduring love. Women’s bomber jackets are becoming particularly popular, with new trends for them getting established every few months. Generally, the type of bomber jacket women love is that which is feminine in terms of general design, but still rough enough to be perceived as a real bomber jacket and not something else altogether. The newest trends, in as far as bomber jackets for women go include:

Bomber jackets with floral designs

These are highly feminine bomber jackets for women. The floral designs are not just on some parts of the jackets, but rather, on the entire jacket. The sort of floral bomber jacket women seem to love is that in which the prints are so well done that the flowers seem to be alive. Many of the bomber jackets with floral design are in pink, designed specifically to appeal to women. Others are in white, with blue flower prints, even as the loudest ones are in yellow, with pink flower prints.

Textured bomber jackets that are made out of leather

Textured bomber jackets made out of leather are elegant, and wearing them (so long as they are sparkling clean) makes you look very sophisticated. Some of the textured bomber jackets in question here are white, with some being black. Worn with loose linen pants, or with black or grey long leather dresses, the textured bomber jackets really look good.

Lace mix bomber jackets

Lace mix bomber jackets are in the category of bomber jackets that emphasize the feminineness of the ladies wearing them (just like any other lace mix garments). Generally, the lace mix bomber jacket women love is that whose basic color is a bright one – such as white or cream. Lace mix bomber jackets for women are versatile, as you can wear them with polyester-linen skirts, denim jeans or even with colorful leather miniskirts.

Colorful bomber jackets whose linings are quilted

By virtue of these jackets having quilted linings, they can be (temperature-wise) very insulating, making them unsuitable for wearing during the summer or even the less warm spring. The fall-winter timeframe is really when they come out. The quilted linings make the bomber jackets in question here warm as is required of a fall-winter jacket. On the other hand, their colorfulness (in yellow, pink or white) makes them truly bright, to lighten up the stereotypical winter-fall gloom.

Monochrome bomber jackets with fur collars

These, like the colorful bomber jackets whose linings are quilted that we have just looked at, are winter-fall jackets. The difference that the fur collars on the monochrome bomber jackets we are looking at make is remarkable, when it comes to insulating the wearer from cold temperatures. The fur collars also grab all keen observers’ attentions, making the jackets in question really chic, as fur makes them look expensive regardless of everything else.

Mesh-based bomber jackets

Mesh-based bomber jackets are not particularly insulating, and you will often see them in spring-summer bomber jacket collections. The mesh-based bomber jackets are being worn with the lighter types of leather pants, or with the light linen-polyester pants. A good number of the trending mesh-based bomber jackets are in eye-catching colors such as maroon, turquoise, burgundy – and, of course, the lady’s stereotypical favorite, namely pink.