Bomber Jacket Men

Top Trend setting bomber leather jackets

Men aren’t known to dress up or actually care about their appearance. It’s a handful of men who will take the time and effort to look good or keep up appearances. These men usually are on the lookout for new trends that are roaming the market. And they try to incorporate them as best they can to their look.

Currently, leather is a garment that is loved and embraced by men and women. The likes of Tyrese Gibson and model Keely Brook have been spotted wearing and tastefully the style. It is the lasts trend and if you’re not wearing it, what are you waiting for?

The leather jacket is the safest bet when dipping into the leather pool. It is a favourite and first time buy for leather lovers. The leather jacket comes in different cuts, there’s the flight jacket, the biker jacket, the studded jacket, the bomber jacket, etc. These jackets come in designs for men and women.

The men’s designs are heavier on the eye and the cut doesn’t leave much to the imagination. The bomber jacket men, however, are the top trend lately. Rappers Fat Joe and Busta Rhymes are some of the celebrities who’ve worn the garment.

The recent design of the bomber jacket is a slimmer shape and fit. During the 70s it was bigger, this was because it was made for shielding purposes for pilots and soldiers not fashion. Some bomber jackets come in a cropped design. They sit just above the trouser/pants. A slim fit of the bomber jacket gives it a modern twist.

Although the bomber jacket is known to be puffy, it comes in different cuts, colours and sizes. The trending colour for a men’s leather jacket is brown. “I like the brown, the black makes me look like a hit man,” says Rhulani Malungane. Malungane is a fashion forward man and loves to look good. Tyrese Gibson was also seen wearing a brown leather jacket at the VMA’s this year. If you are a man and want to blend in with the ‘cool’ crew, a brown bomber jacket men is a good place to start.

Being bold, vibrant and unique is mostly seen through the way we dress. There’s nothing that speaks louder than a printed leather jacket. A jacket riddled with different coloured stripes, patterns and shapes is sure to make heads turn.

The printed bomber jacket for men is seen mostly on the catwalk. And we know that as the runway goes, so does the rest of the fashion industry. Phillip Lim, Vivienne Westwood and Victor & Rolf are the few designers that have included the printed bomber jacket in their 2014 range.

Menswear can be tough to work with, especially when introducing new trends or clothing items. Change or trying something new is at times a feared territory, for men and women; because of this men aren’t as open to trying new things as women are.

The bomber jacket men is a great piece to try as it is very masculine for men. Through-out history the bomber jacket is worn by men. It has gone through some modifications and alterations to be more appropriate for today’s generation. Going for the bomber jacket men is a step in the right direction of opening up a new world of taking on change.