Black Bomber Jacket

How to be stylish a leather bomber jacket - The changing styles

The leather bomber jacket has gone from the cockpit to the catwalk. Having been with us for decades, the bomber jacket has been revamped in many ways for pop culture. They offered warmth and comfort for pilots and military soldiers; today they are a style statement. Fashion appeal is the name of the game in current times.

The black bomber jacket is the prevalent jacket in the bomber jacket arena. It is sleek and stands out. Famous for being a bit puffy, the puff has declined significantly over the years. The puff has been replaced with quilts, studs and asymmetrical zips. The jackets design is also cropped, for men and women.

What you wear or how you wear the black bomber jacket is up to you. The main aim of wearing it is to be trendy and in with it. If you need an idea of how to wear it, scroll down and see what the populous is mixing and matching it with.

A flare skirt with a striped top

Because the jacket is less puffy, the flare is highlighted. An onlooker will check you out from the bottom up. The last thing they’ll see is how gorgeous you look with your signature bomber jacket.

Shirt and tie

Look classy and fit for the office or any semi-formal event. This is the perfect outfit that enhances a man’s masculinity and fashion sense.

Leather pants

These can be bootlegged, skinny pants, shorts or 3 quarter pants. Matching leather with leather is not frowned upon anymore. The match works well with subtle colours like the distinct black.

Gypsy pants

These loose fitting pants that hang on the waist make the jacket blend in to the outfit. The pants work if you’re going for a more casual look.

Ankle boots

For men or women reveals a fashion sense appeal. It is usually the fashion forward folks that are prone to wear them.


These shoes make the man look dapper and sophisticated when matched with the bomber.


High heels or flat sandals that are metallic or just plain black create a clean and fresh look. Wearing a black leather jacket doesn’t always have to be extravagant. Flat sandals show a laid back and relaxed feel.


Wear a chunky necklace, headband or bulky bangles to spice up the jacket. A sling bag or clutch bag will also give you style and sassiness.

The fashion world is unpredictable and is always changing. Its constant motion can make it confusing to understand or grasp styles that work for today. Keeping yourself updated by watching movies, browsing fashion blogs and flipping through fashion magazines. Shopping online is prevalent these days. There are a lot of online stores that sell all sorts of leather jackets in different tastes and styles. The most convenient leather jacket stores are those that offer a jacket in different colours.

Catching up to the latest trends is achievable, a simple way is to know without actually being caught out is by looking at what your friends and family are wearing and how they are wearing it. The black bomber jacket is an all-rounder it can be worn casually, for a walk to the park or formally at a fine dining restaurant.