B3 Bomber Jacket

The Bomber jackets - The most popular trends this season

The world of fashion is full of glamour and style and the present day is characterized by the latest trends in the fashion industry. When so much is going on all around you in terms of fashion and glamour, you cannot stay isolated. This develops a sort of social pressure which makes people follow the trends of fashion. This is why; today people tend to wear designer clothes and accessories so as to create their style statement. If you talk about the latest trends in the fashion industry, leather comes out to be the hot favorite raw material for designers to design the clothing and accessories. For the same reason, there are different brands introducing a great variety of leather jackets and other clothing.

As for instance, a B3 bomber jacket is the most popular among the modern designers. They are considered to be the most reliable manufacturers of bomber jackets. A bomber jacket is basically a military jacket initially meant for those who want to show the rugged side of their personality but the changing trends have modified the meaning of the bomber jacket. Now they also come in different styles, designs and colors.

One of the most popular these days is the one with a hood. Yes! It is mostly preferred by those living in the cold areas. The B3 bomber jacket is a classic example of this style. However, you may go for a design which comes with a detachable hood. This is to ensure the maximum convenience and satisfaction of the customers. You may attach or detach the hood according to your requirements. This design basically aims at providing you the maximum protection against cold.

The leather which is most preferred in the variety of the bomber jackets this season is the shearling. Yes! It is in fact the best type of leather if you want to have ultimate protection from cold weather yet have an awe inspiring impression. Shearling type is basically the napped leather coming from the skin of young sheep which are only 2 years old or less. The natural softness and warmth of shearling bomber jacket keeps you safe and sound even in extreme weather conditions.

The collar designs also vary a great deal. There are some designs with an extended collar till the midrib, while there are others which have a fur lining as in a B3 bomber jacket, you would find the fur collar with dual feature of buckle and button. The style looks chic and trendy and also ensures practicality of the customers as you enjoy the winter season to the utmost without worrying about catching cold. The neck is fully covered with the help of buckle or button protecting you from chilling cold.

A new trend of buttoned pockets is gaining popularity these days. The pockets are generally set on the lower sides of the front. You may for your favorite bomber jacket with the slashed pockets with a flap or buttoned enclosure. Since the shearling leather is itself very warm and cozy to wear, there is no need of having a lining. So, most of the bomber jackets made from sheepskin leather do not come with a lining. The cuffs are mostly buttoned with adjustable feature according to the size of your wrist and the individual requirement.