Aviator Jacket

Aviator Jackets – The New Trends This Winter

New trends for aviator jackets are slowly but surely getting established, as the winter progresses. The summer, spring and fall fashion seasons preceding the winter were characterized by renewed interest in aviator leather jackets. That interest has stretched into the winter – and it is indeed in the winter that we are likely to see the best of aviator leather jackets. This is because, by their basic design, aviator leather jackets are more of cold-weather jackets: better suited for the fall-winter stretch. Thus, while we did see some new styles for aviator leather jackets in the summer and in the spring, these were often heavily compromised aviator leather jackets. The winter offers better promise for true and proper aviator leather jackets, whose newest trends include:

Fleece-filled aviator leather jacket for women with heavy seams

In these jackets, the heavy seams are used to create an inimitable stylish look – just the way shiny zippers are used to achieve the same end in other classic jacket designs. The way the whole thing is done is by having the lines along which the seams run padded heavily. The traditional aviator jacket design gives a further feel of stylishness.  These being fleece-filled jackets, they are warm and the best of them come with overflowing fur collars.

Velvet thick aviator leather jacket with turn down collars

These are smooth, yet thick (and hence warm) aviator style jackets. The turn down collars on them make them suitable winter office wear jackets, in the less formal workplaces where staff can don (toned down but still reasonably stylish) casual smart attire in the winter. During the long and pretty depressing winters, people often desire the comfort of cozy leather jackets, and the velvet thick aviator jacket is as cozy as anyone would desire.

The velvet feel and look on these leather jackets makes them look expensive: which is just as well, because one reason we go to great lengths to acquire leather outfits is to avoid looking ‘cheap’.

Novelty design suede aviator leather jackets for men with fur collars

These are tough-looking leather jackets for the rougher streets: and remarkable in the sense that we have previously not seen tough-looking suede leather jackets. Being novelty design jackets, they are rocking street fashion circles and like classic aviator jackets, they are widely deemed to be proper street-wear fashion jackets. Fur collars were previously commoner on ladies’ jackets, but the novelty design suede aviator leather jackets in question here have shown us that fur collars on men’s jackets can be just as nice. Designed with long sleeves and the sturdiest of linings, these jackets are very appropriate for use in the hardest (coldest) of winters.

One piece aviator leather jackets with conventional cuffs

These are amongst the first aviator leather jackets to come with conventional cuffs, because conventional cuffs have previously been more common with other types of jackets. Being one piece leather jackets distinguishes them from most other aviator jackets that are available. The seams on these jackets are protected with a special material, such that they are invisible and the jackets actually appear as if the are mystically seamless. Elaborately designed with zipped side pockets and a slightly off-center zip, the one piece aviator leather jackets with conventional cuffs match well with blue jeans. The latest of the said one piece aviator leather jackets are rusty brown in color and they can be worn outdoors, even in sordid dusty places, without looking too bad.