Aviator Jacket Women

Leather jackets which can be stylish yet have a tough look

The fashion industry works hard to create clothes and styles that are stylish and trendy. Most garments designed and released are for women. Women are easiest and quickest to please when it comes to different styles and adding new trends. However, despite this there are some women out there who aren’t into the elegant and classy look. Women who have a tomboy sense of fashion and want to blend into the crowd comfortably.These women can want to own the latest fashion pieces but not want the extravagance and onlookers that the pieces may come with.

Leather has made a huge impact in the world. Many are rushing to get one. For the shy and tomboy girls an aviator jacket women is the perfect leather piece that needs no effort to dress up. It normally goes with anything, jeans etc. So blending in and being in the background as you desire is possible. The aviator jacket women when worn dresses more like a bomber jacket. The shearling lining on the inside give it its puffy look. The shearling is there to keep you warm. It is incredibly soft and luxurious because shearling comes from sheepskin. Comfort is not compromised in this trendy leather jacket.

A jacket is stamped and approved as tough yet stylish is the biker jacket. Made for men or women, the leather jacket exudes personality and a rock-hard image. A biker jacket for women is not only for chicks on the bike. There are a lot of cuts that have been made that are not appropriate for the motorcycle. The biker jacket that comes with the distinct asymmetrical front zip and side zips that can be disproportionally placed is a chic design that is trending even today. This design of the biker jacket hasn’t changed much since its acclaim to fame on the big movie screen. Some jacket designs come with accessories added to make the jacket contemporary. Studs, shiny zips, shoulder pads, and patches of different colours are a few of the aspects added to match the jacket to current trending garments.

The quilted leather jacket is a beautiful piece of clothing that isn’t commonly worn by the public. This could be due to the fact that it hasn’t been publicized as much as the standard leather jacket. British singer and X Factor judge Cheryl Cole wore it with style at an LA airport. The jacket made her look incredibly fashionable. And she was just wearing it with leggings and high heels. Just like the biker jacket the quilted jacket needs no effort or much thought when putting it together with other clothes. The great thing about the quilted jacket is that the quilts aren’t restricted. They can be added and placed anywhere on the jacket for the jacket to be deemed a quilt. Quilts can be on the back, the sides, sleeves or shoulders of the jacket.

There are quite a few leather jackets that are stylish and tough. The aviator jacket for women, the biker jacket and the quilted jacket are a few of the jackets that pull of that look. They are not only for tomboys but ladies that love to try new things and aren’t afraid to experiment with the designs that fashion designers afford the masses.