Aviator Jacket Men

Which jacket suits the best for the rough and robust look

Most men who are fashion forward and fashion conscious always try to find a look that doesn’t emasculate them. Dark colours and thick clothing items are what they usually go for. Such garments have the ability of achieving a look that is both masculine and stylish. Majority of jackets that are made for men are made to elevate a man’s street credibility without diminishing his sense of being a man. What we wear ultimately tells people more or less about our personality. An outfit can make you come across as boring, unimaginative, stylish, inventive, bubbly, etc.

Women go for a more stylish and sexy appeal, whilst men go for a rough or strong appeal that is fashionable. Various items of clothing like leather jackets, denim jeans, ties, t-shirts, muscle tops and even belts are the things that men wear to achieve a robust and rough look. A leather jacket is the easiest item that any man, whether fashion forward or otherwise, can slap on that immediately raises levels of their masculinity without making an effort, for example an aviator jacket men. There are a few leather jackets that the man can wear that would render a rough and tough look without being overpowering or overwhelming for people around him. The following jackets listed below are a few of the leather jackets that do just that:

Bomber jacket

This puffy jacket that goes back to the beginning of the leather jackets is prevalently made for men. A women’s one is available but it still has the fit and look of a men’s jacket. Tyrese Gibson wore it at the VMA’s in 2014. He looked classy and elegant in the jacket. This is what the jacket achieves for a man. The latest jackets have become less puffy. The bomber jacket is sold different designs and colours but most men choose to go for the brown jacket because it isn’t as loud as the black sleek one.

Aviator jacket

The aviator jacket for menis the first known leather jacket made for men. Back in the day it was just for protective reasons. Today it can be worn anywhere and everywhere. It’s shearling on the inside gives the jacket its unique design and appeal. The shearling is warm and comfortable.

Biker jacket

The racy and fast jacket pulls off an appeal that is macho and daring. A dark coloured jacket (e.g. blue) elevates the bad boy persona that the jacket rubs off.

Even though most men don’t care much for their appeal. What they care about the most is the way they are portrayed by strangers or onlookers. Masculinity and being seen as ‘rough and tough’ are the two appeals at the forefront. The aviator jacket men pulls off the masculine look the best. Since all leather jackets were made specifically to suit the male figure.

It is not rocket science to go for an aviator jacket first as a man. The shape and design of the jacket exudes a tough and robust look that is slightly fashionable but incredibly manly. It raises a man’s credibility a notch thanks to its shearling lining.

Other leather jackets also don’t diminish the overall dress up of a fashion forward or fashion conscious man when he is walking down the road.